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What can reflexology do for you?

Reflexology is for everyone and can be beneficial to anything your body is going through on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Through my clinics for Reflexology in Tunbridge Wells and Reflexology in Crowborough, at the very least, you will experience a relaxing foot massage which can not only target problem areas but also focuses on the person as a whole, a very holistic approach.


  • Relieves tension
  • Aids sleep
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Promotes blood flow and circulation
  • General relaxation

Many other complaints and conditions have seen improvement through reflexology, from IBS to acne, blood pressure to insomnia and fertility to digestive issues, just to mention a few. Stress and anxiety have been seen to reduce through the relaxing touch of reflexology and by pinpointing the correct reflexes and pressure areas. However, reflexology does not claim to diagnose or cure any condition, but is certainly known to help!

To book your treatment for Reflexology in Tunbridge Wells or for Reflexology in Crowborough please visit the contact page or call 07812 162828 and arrange an appointment at either clinic.