After a treatment, it is important to realise that your body will continue to work on the benefits of the reflexology session. Please take time to read this aftercare advice and follow it after each treatment.

✔ After a treatment, you will be offered a drink of water. However, it is really important to DRINK plenty of fluids after the treatment to help eliminate the toxins.

✔ You may feel very relaxed and a little spacey so TAKE CARE when getting to your next destination.

✔ Take some time to RELAX after the treatment where possible to enjoy the benefits.

✔ Try to AVOID a heavy meal, caffeine or alcohol for the rest of the day to allow your body to balance and get the full benefit from the treatment.


A Unique Experience

It is perfectly natural to feel relaxed after the treatment, some people feel energised. However, it’s also possibly to feel emotional, cold in temperature, tired, have a slight headache, need the toilet more often or feel thirsty. These symptoms can pass within 24-48 hours, if they persist please contact me for further advice and maybe a follow up treatment to help balance these conditions.

To book your treatment for Reflexology in Tunbridge Wells or for Reflexology in Crowborough please visit the contact page or call 07812 162828 and arrange an appointment at either clinic.